2,000,000 Facial Photos for 3D Human Creation
  • Royalty-free Facial Photos with Commercial License
  • Create full body animated 3D characters
  • Optimal for Headshot Auto Mode
What is Generated Photos?

Generated Photos is an online source with over 2,000,000 royalty-free, AI-generated human model photos of any age, gender, and ethnicity for any creative works, created by a team of professionals of AI, photographers, artists and models.
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What is Headshot?

The AI-powered Character Creator plugin generates 3D realtime digital humans from one photo. Apart from intelligent texture blending and head mesh creation, the generated digital doubles are fully rigged for face and body animation.
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Instant 3D Crowd Generation

Generated Photos and Reallusion provide a disruptive pipeline with AI-generated technologies for creating custom characters for games, film, AR/VR and more.

7 Steps to Create an AI-Generated 3D Character

From a photo to a complete, fully-rigged 3D character in minutes, for use in animated films, games, archviz, visualization and more. All you need are Character Creator, the Headshot plug-in, and the royalty-free facial images from Generated Photos!

Select A Face from Generated Photos
  • Log into Generated Photos and open “Browse Photos”.
  • Filter the conditions of Head Pose, Sex, Age, Ethnicity, Eye Color, Hair Color and Hair Length.
    *Its recommended to select the "Front Facing" option in Head Pose for Headshot.
  • Select the one you like for Headshot.
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Generate A 3D Face Using Headshot
  • Open the Headshot Plug-in in Character Creator.
  • Import your selected photo into the photo panel.
  • Select Auto Mode for an easy start with separated 3D hair elements.
  • Generate your 3D head in seconds.
Create Resemblance with Facial & Body Morphs
  • Alter and refine the character’s head shape by using the Headshot Morph 1000+ for highly detailed facial feature definitions.
Add Realistic Skin Effects with SkinGen
  • Activate SkinGen from Modify > Appearance Editor > Skin & Makeup.
  • Apply the Skin & Makeup assets to the character from the gallery.
  • Freely stack skin effect layers like Normal, Details, Blemishes, Makeups and more, and upscale the 1K image to 4K quality.
Match with Clothes and Accessories
  • Dress up your characters via the multi-layer conformable outfit system.
  • Massive hair, cloth and accessory assets available from the Content Store and Marketplace.
  • Headshot AUTO mode can generate a hair mesh for characters; which you can save, remove, and replace with other hair styles.
Make Vivid Facial Expressions
  • Apply facial expression presets through the Face Expression library found in the CC Content panel.
  • Adjust facial muscles, expressions, and morphs.
  • Easily pose your characters with the Motion Layer editor and Pose library.
Animate a Fully-Rigged 3D Character
  • Characters generated in CC are facial and body rigged for animation and motion capture. Save the character as an iAvatar, and directly send it to iClone for animation editing.
  • Perform character voice lip-sync and full body animation.
  • Generate voice lip-sync and apply full body animation.
  • Export to Unreal, Unity, Maya, Blender, C4D, etc.
Compatible Tools
The 3D Game: YouXia
Generated 100 Quality NPC Characters in a Day!

"It is truly remarkable how Character Creator, and Generated.Photos are shaping the future of game development with artificial intelligence, by providing a way for indie game studios and solo developers to aim higher than their initial budget, while producing visually stunning games."

- Stephane Biesse, CEO of Aardwolf Interactive