Synergize audio and pictures to easily create talking animations. Cartoon Animator breathes life into still images and vector graphics with intuitive facial mocap and voice-enabled lip sync. Freely animate candid expressions using intuitive deformers and swappable sprites.

Create talking animations from multimedia

Photos & Images

Cartoon Animator is seamlessly compatible with mainstream PSD editors. Efficiently create talking characters from any image type.

Animated Drawings

Quickly import your freehand drawings or custom animation sequences from PSD files, and animate them with audio lip sync or facial mocap.

Vector Graphics

Use Cartoon Animator with your favorite SVG editor for resolution-independent rendering. Modify your vector graphics to create head-turning performances.

Craft Talking Animation in Seconds

Simply align control points to major facial features to create smooth talking animations. Then endow characters with matching eyes and teeth from the comprehensive asset library.

Designers can batch customize expression sprites using PSD tools. By using FFD (free-form deformation), sprite animation can transition smoothly from one expression to the next.

Create Lip Sync Animation

Audio Lip Sync

Import a WAV file or capture your voice with an integrated recorder. A vast library of phoneme shapes is ready to be deployed on your images.


Text-to-Speech is another great option to create talking animations. It is both easy and convenient to use, without the need for audio equipment.

Real-time Face Track

Control talking animation via live capture. Track expressions, eye and head motion using any common webcam. Or, use an iPhone for amazing results.

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Advanced Facial Performance

360 Head Creator

The 360 evolution streamlines the workflow for head creation and expression setup, transforming 2D art into 3D styled characters with muti-angle editing.   Know More >

Facial Animation

Apply face animation to props and characters while keeping frugal on sprites and frames. Enjoy access to a variety of ready-made assets for constructing and customizing animated faces.   Know More >