Plugin for Cartoon Animator & iClone
3D Motion Editing
for 2D Animation
Live Link to Create & Edit 3D Motions

Cartoon Animator expands the creative possibilities with 3D motions for 2D animation. Motion Link is a plugin that links iClone and CTA for real-time a 3D motion pipeline for 2D characters. Users can real-time preview 2D animation with 3D motions from iClone, fine-tune the animation with customizable projection angles, and record the editing process to ensure the best animation quality.    * Operating System: Windows Only

Edit in 3D and Animate in 2D

Motion Link plugin can link iClone to CTA. This is a creative way of using 3D software to control 2D characters.
3D animators wanting to make 2D animations, this is the best option to get started.    Required Tools >

iClone, a Intuitive 3D Motion Editing Tool

Cartoon Animator, a 2D Animation Design Tool

Live Link iClone 3D Motion
  • Bring in any 3D motion data(bvh,fbx) to Cartoon Animator.
  • Preview and Record projected 2D motion in Cartoon Animator.
  • Adjust Projection Angle to get the best 2D animated result.
  • Change 2D character animation facing using Flip Body.
  • Control Z-axis movement for 2D characters.

Powerful Real-time Motion Editing
  • Real-time projected 2D animation from any 3D motion.
  • Fast motion generation using iClone Motion Puppet, slider modify motion behaviors.
  • Flexible hand gesture control with spread, clench or finger level movement.
  • Advanced Motion Layer editing through iClone Human-IK including tip toe, reach target and solid floor contact.
300+ Motions included with iClone work with Cartoon Animator
Create Multi-Character Animation
  • Using 3D dummy characters to control corresponding 2D characters.
  • Supports unlimited dummy characters , each dummy is added with unique color for easy identification.
  • Auto Focus selected 3D dummy for quick motion editing.
How to get started with 3D motions?
Get Everything you Need
2D Animation
2D Animation Software

Turn illustrations, photos, and images into animated characters with facial expressions, lip-sync and PSD pipeline.

* V4.4 or above is required.

Plugin for Cartoon Animator

Utilize Motion Capture devices for 2D character animation. Works with 3D Motion Link from iClone.

* V1.2, or above is required.
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Motion Link Profile

Link iClone and CTA for a real-time 3D motion pipeline to animate 2D characters.

* Free for users who've purchased Motion LIVE 2D. Install it in the Reallusion Hub.

3D Motion Editing
3D Animation Software

Total solution for real-time 3D animation production. Simplified mocap and intuitive motion editing tools for facial and body animation.

* V7.8, or above is required.

Motion Link Plugin

Connect with CTA to send the motion controls and edits for 2D character projection.

* Free for users who have purchased iClone. Install it in the Reallusion Hub.

New to Reallusion - Get all of the 2D and 3D Tools Together

Speed up 2D Animation Production with 3D Motions! Own the power of 2D and 3D production with a one-time purchase featuring everything needed to produce with animation software, plugins for motion capture, and complete learning samples.

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Animate in 2D with the 3D Skills you’ve already have.
2D Animation Bundle
  • Cartoon Animator 4
  • Motion LIVE 2D Plugin
  • 3D Motion Sampler
  • Bonus: iClone Motion Link Profile
  • Facial Mocap (Webcam Profile)
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Get the power of 3D motion editing, with 300 motion files included.
iClone Motion Link Bundle
  • iClone 7
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