The 3D Motion Sampler contains 80 2D animation sequences converted from 3D mocap animations in various genres. This sampler is designed to show how 2D animators can easily achieve these performances by using 3D motions.3D-to-2D conversion techniques are demonstrated with animation samples and corresponding how-to videos.

Game Design

Build essential moves for game character action sequences. Combine several combat motions to create a side-scrolling trailer, or cast a spell with body rotations.

3d mocap to 2d-motion flip

Motion Flip

Create complex body rotations using Flip Body.

3d mocap to 2d-side-scrolling adventure

Side-scrolling Adventure

Mix fighting motions to create side-scroll animation.

Social and Entertainment

2D Dancing loops sampled from 3D motions. Use these motions to create entertaining comedy clips with your own actor design

3d mocap to 2d-mirror motion

Mirror Motion

Mirror 2D movements from the same 3D motion.

3d mocap to 2d-motion loop

Motion Loop

Create dancing loops by using align motions.

Animated Storytelling

A 3D animation can be projected to multiple 2D motion angles for enhanced narrative camera work. The Z-Axis movement in 2D adds more visual impact with depth.

3d mocap to 2d-multi-angle performance

Multi-angle Performance

One 3D motion produces multiple angles for 2D animation.

3d mocap to 2d-z-axis

Exaggeration (Z-axis)

Turn on Z-axis for character depth movement.

Business and Training

Character motions for product showcase, training or business animation are available for single actor or multiple actor scenes.

3d mocap to 2d-multi-angle stage show

Multi-angle Stage Show

Create scenes with character motions for every angle.

3d mocap to 2d-multi-character communication

Multi-character Communication

Apply 3D Motions to several characters at the same time.

3d mocap to 2d-3d motion for 2d animation 3d mocap to 2d-3d motion for 2d animation

Featured 3D Motion Packs

To properly presenting different motion genres and conversion tips, 3D Motion Sampler’s eighty 2D animation sequences are extracted from 3D Motion Packs listed here. Start to experience your own 3D to 2D motion conversion from here.        How to Import to CTA >

* The same 3D motion files can be used in Cartoon Animator, iClone. To export to other 3D tools, you need to own iClone 3DXchange Pipeline and content Export License.

Featured 2D Characters

Those featured 2D characters are made by our outstanding character designers, they perfectly help to display the motion compatibility and application scenarios. please click the link below to explore more of their works.

* The 2D characters of showcases are not included in the 3D motion sampler.


Preparing a suitable character for 3D Motion

Extracting the optimal 2D performance

Refining 2D layer, sprite, and pose

Amplify 2D performance - Stretch, Scale, and Rotate

Keep Moving Forward or Make Root Animation

Advanced Edit for Various Body Shapes