Character Creator 3
Issue 6844
mesh rename
Hi Reallusion,

We REALLY need a way to RENAME a mesh in character creator, not just the object name.

This is especially important as the fbx exporter takes the "mesh name" to transfer the character into unity.
The same goes with using goZ which will change the mesh name as well.

I now have to take the whole character through iclone and into 3dxchange just to rename one item of
clothing. The naming is important as it is used in a lot of our in-game scripts.

I have no idea why this isn't possible as default as it seems an essential step of the workflow. I have
many feedback entries asking for features and fixes and NONE of them have been adressed or fixed.

But hey, maybe this will be the exception,


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Submitted bye1_scheer
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2024 and I'm trying to change mesh name on a shirt that I imported and don't want to have to go through all the weight paint editing again.  Is this really still an issue?
Yes. Please allow us to rename the mesh!!! PLEASE
How many Years do we need to wait for this feature, is this so complicated to make it able to rename.
I agree with this, it's a simple concept. When you've created a model in Zbrush and have done significant work in CC3 and then in iClone you then realize that you forgot to name the file originally in Zbrush before sending.  I'm sure its also a problem on other import methods, once imported, it can be a glaring issue.
Rename the mesh would be very good. For Unity and Unreal this is almost fundamental. I thought it was already possible and it is really hindering the development of certain features without this. We wait.
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