iClone 7
Issue 7393
iClone needs an motion-only option for FBX export
This feature is present in CC3, you can export FBX files containing only the motion, not the mesh.
It is a very useful option, because it saves time and disk space.

However, if you collect / create several animations for a character and want to export these animation for use in UE4, it can be annoying to always having to open the character in CC3 and add the motion(s).
It would be a huge time-saver if you could directly export the motions from iClone.

And in the case of props or rigs (e.g. a car), there is currently no way of doing this, because iClone doesn't have that option.
So, please add that feature to the iClone FBX export function.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by3dtester
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Bad Monk
still no option to export only motion from iClone 8?? this makes a workflow much longer!! PLEASE address this RL!
Highly needed feature. Unbelievable this is missing.
Parallel World Labs
I'm not seeing this feature in iClone8. Is it a hidden feature? If not, it should be added as an export option.
I agree with this. The option to export motion only from iClone for use in Unity and Unreal would be very helpful. Maybe this can be added to iClone 8?
I agree. Would love to export motion without skin or textures.
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