iClone 7
Issue 6073
iClone Iray REQUEST - Iray Map Baking Tool for Iclone Scene
Would be interested to use an Iray map-baking tool for iClone, where you could render any iClone scene using iClone's Iray plugin, and then those full-scene rendered maps would be auto-applied to the scene's diffuse channels via an automated conversion process.

The end result would be mainly static objects having the "look of Iray", with the Iray lighting, as-of render-baking, now baked in to scene elements.
While the scene could still then optionally be responsive to additional dynamic lighting in the realtime renderer, it would already be displaying the recorded Iray lighting result, in 3D, view-able from any camera angle.
Thus it would be optimal, if the user could assign dynamic lighting only to selected objects (i.e. dynamic moving ones or characters) and leave baked objects out.

*NOTE - it would be understood as not allowing for realtime reflections.
This would strictly be allowing the scene to be navigated in realtime with the baked Iray-lighting 'look', which would include the scene's baked reflections.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byTonyDPrime