iClone 7
Issue 5379
iClone 7 Morph Animator Bone Scale Error
Pose editor does not show all the bones within the model. Toe gap is an example of a morph where we could not see the bones shift. When making a new morph with any bone-shifting morphs, it cannot be used within the morph animator. Here is a list of other morphs that do not work with the morph animator. I would suggest making a visual mark on these morphs to tell users that it CANNOT be used with the morph animator. I should also mention that when I take the model to the morph creator that I am including boxers with the base model.

As a side note, I would pay to be able to dynamically change the height of my character as a morph animation.

Crotch Width
Any morph with the word "Length" in it
Any Morph with the word "Scale" in it
Pelvis Width
Any of the Eyeball Morphs
Any of the Hivewire Morphs
CC3 Base Male/Female Overall Body Morph(s)
Toe Depth
Full Body Scale
Any of the Teeth Morphs
Any Eyelash Morphs (somehow says there is a bone scale change- How?)
Any Eye Morphs (seriously?)
Body Builder
CC1 Base Female/male body morphs
Any complete Body Morph
Heavy Body Morph (even though it does not appear to alter the bones, it still gives off the bone scale error)
Any complete face morph like Thin Face or CC1_Base Male
Chest Depth
Body Size
Finger Width (left, right, both)
Finger Nail Length (The error message pops up but the morph animation still appears to work. I am unsure if this will cause animation errors later down the line because this error message has popped up in regards to bone scaling. How is messing with the nails going to affect the skeleton of the model? )
Hamstring correction (I thought muscle flexing/growing was supposed to be a big part of morph animations?)

I do not believe I need to list anymore because I'm sure there are plenty left over for you to check and fix.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byMerron Mist
I would like to add to this that I couldn't get ANY morphs from the Hivewire morphs bundle sold at the content store to work with iClone's Morph Maker. Every time I try, I get the "bone scale" error, where the morph works on the clothing, but not on the character. I have tried this with localized and full body morphs from the Hivewire bundle, and they all get this error message, making them unusable with Morph Maker and Morph Animator. It's important to notice that this happens with morphs that do NOT change bone scale.