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iClone 7 App has stopped working message on Windows 10
After installation of iClone 7 trial on Windows 10 I get a message "iClone 7 App has stopped working" . I've tried running the program as an administrator, I've tried restarting the system, I've checked my windows, .Net system - it's up to date, I've made sure that my windows 10 is up to date, I've checked the debug log and found what is attached. What should I do?
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byDavid Legendtree
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Hi Mark_27,
What exactly Radeon graphics card do you have ?
iClone 7.2 should support from Radeon HD5000/6000/7000 series, R9/R7 200/300 series, RX400/500 series and the latest RX Vega.
If it doesn't work on your machine, please let us know, thank you :)

Hi lads,
the lastest iClone 7.2 should support Surface Pro and Intel GPU, although the FPS won't be high.
If it doesn't work, please let us know, thank you :)
I have Radeon graphics card on my system is it supportable or not
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, lads,

iClone is a 3D intensive program, it requires nVidia or AMD independent GPU to run. It seems that the Surface Pro is an intel graphics only machine, if so, iClone could not run on it.
Please check the iClone system requirements here:

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Hi, David_14_61,

I have got your crash dump file, we will check this issue.

iClone does not support intel graphics, please also follow the link below to make sure iClone is running with the Independent GPU on your Notebook.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Please check the iClone system requirements and see if that meets your system configuration, especially for the graphics card and the amount of video memory. Since iClone is a 3D graphics and animation intensive application, it's better to use at least the recommended system to gain better performance.

Please provide the DxDiag file to help us identify the problem.
To get the DxDiag file:
1. Select the "Start" menu, click "run" or press <Win Key> + <R>.
2. Input "dxdiag" & click "ok".
3. It will check your system for a while, after finish, click "save all information".
4. Save "DxDiag.txt".

You can email the DxDiag.txt with "FT3467" in the email title to

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