iClone 7
Issue 3861
iClone 7.21 cant use folder shortcuts anymore
2 Issues here

Issue 1
feedback tracker wanted me to login even though I was logged into the forum and it wouldn't accept my login. Logging out of the forum, logging back into the forum and then coming straight here opened it up with me automatically logged in. I have it set to remember my login. But if I close my browser without logging out. When I open it again, once again feedback tracker wants me to login but wont accept my loggin

Issue 2
I posed this issue into the forum because of the above issue and I didn't realise what was causing it then

Here is the link to the forum post

There are 2 images there.
The first one shows how folder shortcuts worked in iclones contents UI
I updated to 7.21 and now the second image shows how they don't work anymore.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byDelerna
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

We can not reproduce the issue 2 neither, since it's worked for you now, I will set the status of this issue as Solved.

No, That's not the answer either. I just removed - Shortcut from the folder shortcut again and it still works ????????
Whatever it was that caused it I don't know. But its not your problem at all.
OK, found the problem thanks to a couple of guys on the forum.

When you create shortcuts Microsoft Windows add  - Shortcut to the shortcuts names.
If you remove  - Shortcut from the content shortcuts iClone recognises it without any problem.
If you remove  - Shortcut from folder shortcuts iClone doesn't recognise that it is a shortcut.
Leave  - Shortcut in the folder shortcut names and it works fine.

A bit strange you can remove it from content shortcuts but not from folder shortcuts ..... but Oh well, problem solved. I can get around it now.
Ok Now I am confused.
I have now logged out of the forum and logged back in and when I logged back in I unticked the remember me.
Then I logged back out and logged back it and ticked the remember me again.

Then I closed the browser again without logging out.
Opened the forum again which automatically logged in.
Opened feedback tracker which was not opening up with me logged in before but now it is working fine.
I don't expect you will be able to replicate my issue now so that will make it impossible for you to find the answer for that issue.

Maybe you guys can try it out to see what happens but as I said. Not likely it will happen for you and I understand you cant answer it if you cant replicate it.

So looks like only issue 2 is relevant. For me anyway