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cloth weight influence clone for imported cloths to cc3
ok, probably what i gonna ask must be "impossible or near impossible but who knows right???.

Would be cool if we could "clone" weight influence from already existing cloths when adding new cloths to CC library

like for exemple: i go in daz and get a new bikini or underwear for female them use the transformation to export it to cc then do the normal process of turning the cloth from a acessory to a cloth and do the transfer weights, but after that we can have a option of clone another already existing cloth "weight influence" to that one, like again we get the bottom bikini then after the transfer weight i have a option where i could choose let's say a underwear pants from the cc library and that option allow me to copy or clone that pant influence to the bottom bikini then the cc will try to replicate that influence in the best way possible making it match as best as possible that pant influence making then bottom bikini have a much better and near perfect influence than the basic one we get using the transfer tool which normally need really a lot of work to make it work as it was supposed to work, this could again reduce time wasted in working on the influence by or removing it or reducing it to just small adjust rater than to have to almost work from zero which can easy happen in some cases.

the same goes for many pieces of cloth like shirts or top brass or skirts or jeans, because the default cloths coming with the CC normally already have the most "perfect tailored influence them being able to "apply that some influence to others imported cloths could help a lot

it could work in that 3 ways:
1 - instead of choose "transfer weight when changing the cloth from acessory to cloth you have another option: clone weight then it open a panel where you choose the already existing clothing from cc menu to clone then it clone that cloth weight to the character cloth turning it in a cloth and already using the same weights or the most close possible influence.

2 - after you choose to turn the acessory in cloth and transfer the basic weights you can let's say put the cloth you want to clone in the character then selecting that cloth in the scene menu you "right click in the scene name then a option for "clone to appear where you can select the other piece you want to clone then after select it you click ok then the option will try to transfer that weights to the new piece as it can

3 - almost the same of the first one, the only difference is which the option to clone only appear after you apply the basic transformation for the acessory to cloth then when you click again in the right menu will appear the option to clone.

maybe it can be almost or really impossible but could be a really top improviment.
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Submitted byEllessarr