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You seem to have screwed up 'layers'
I'm a noob and have been watching videos and have found a couple of issues.
1. The wiki page referred to in: does not seem to exist.
2. Working from a screenshot of that while trying to import clothing I find that I can't change biker boots to Layer 12. They are on Layer 02 which is for gloves apparently??
It could be that the layer info I am trying to work to has been changed of course, which is why it is no longer on the wiki but I doubt that is the case!
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Hi markttrotter,

Thanks for your feedback.
Question 1 : Can't you see this YouTube tutorial? If other Reallusion's video got the same result? You can check this Reallusion's YouTube main page. (
Question 2 : Please refer to attached image. Gloves and Shoes are specific type that only got 2 Layers
Question 3 : You can use Cloth Layer Settings function to modify your own layer settings, like attached image.
Question 4 : After you selected the Layer number in Cloth Layer Settings, the layer number will save on cloth that you selected, so if you save cloth on content manager than re-apply to other character, it should keep the layer number that you had set.
Hope these will help your workflow on Character Creator 3.

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Ok so I worked it out - You have to load a char up with every piece of clothing and then drag them around in Cloth Layer Settings box - LAME - can I suggest that when you import a piece of clothing and go to save it, whichever place you choose to save it (shoes, pants, knickers, blah) then that is the Layer number it gets or maybe even add an input box allowing you to type in the layer number you want to assign to it.
Great program other than this.
How does one change the layer number? Is it possible? I'm trying to import clothing and everything is ending up on Layer 1. SO frustrating!!
It's a great program apart from that.
Attensi AS
Boots and gloves work on their own layers. Shoes have shoe layer 1 & 2; the first is for shoes that would usually be covered by pants, and the second is shoes that would be on top. The same are for gloves. They don't work on the regular 21 layers that "normal" clothes do. 

You can read more in depth here: