Character Creator 3
Issue 8314
Will it be possible to Export/Import content in-and-out of CC4 and IClone 8 even if the 3D applications they are working with are located on Different Devices?
As a part of my virtual animation production setup, I've got the software that I am using scattered across more than one computer. Although these devices normally communicate well with one another over my private network connection, I am concerned that I won't be able to make corrections to my 3D characters' designs in an efficient manner with the way things currently stand. For example, it would be problematic if I cannot send the character files across the network from my edition of CC3 to my edition of ZBrush since CC3 is located on one computer and ZBrush is located on the other computer.

So if it isn't currently possible to send WIP files back-and-forth to various 3D applications over long distances across a network using CC3's built-in tools, then would this be a feature that the development team would consider incorporating into a future update for CC4?

Any clarification in this regard would be sincerely appreciated.
OS: Windows 10
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