Character Creator 3
Issue 7698
White borders in skin mipmaps; incorrect UVs on transparent fabric edges
I create a character in CC3 latest using headshot and ultimate SkinGen, then go to File->Export to FBX. I choose the Unity preset.
My unity project has the latest CC3 importer plugin. The character is imported more or less fine.

However - as you can see in the attached image - there are two problems.
1) The texture is not expanded beyond the UV borders. So, when we go to the first mipmap (by moving away from the model) a white line appears at the UV seams. This line is not visible if I turn off mipmapping, but then there is obviously a major loss in quality and performance. Either the texture should be dilated over the boundary, or at minimum the alpha channel should be clipped to the UV islands so that unity can do it on import.
2) Look at the frayed edges of the vest sleeve (this is the vest asset that comes with CC3). In the original file, this is made up of 'hair cards' that share the same UVs. In the exported one, the UVs are messed up and consequently there are errors in rendering the frayed edge.

I'd appreciate any help (or just a couple of bugfixes).
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bybennett_027069
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The issue 1) - We guess it might be caused by there are white color near the UV border, could you please try to modify the diffuse texture as the attached image? and see it is resolved or not. 
I am not sure what steps will get this white background, it would be appreciated if you can provide the flow.

The issue 2) - the UVs of vest are messed up, there might be some UV data problems in exporting, i have forwarded this issue to the dev. team.

Thank you for your report ~
  • Check the background near uv border.png