iClone 7
Issue 6148
What we all would appreciate
As from what Ive learned going back and forth between cc iclone 3dxchange Unreal Unity and Daz - and Hitfilm
Id really like to see a 100% dependable import export system from iclone [to unreal] for starts
3dx is limited to 2 gigs - which means you cant import larger environments - pls beef up 3dxchange to be able to handle bigger files - that would be great
CC setup is great for importing to Unreal directly from cc - It would be huge to have an auto setup for going from iclone to unreal that works so fluidly;;; The Unreal live link looks amazing but $700??? - that's outrageously over priced in my opinion when traditional import export methods have always sufficed and considering its essentially only an extension of iclone - that we already paid for
But sending models and animations from iclone to 3dx to unreal seems to only work consistently when you're exporting characters that came from iclone or cc; seems characters that came from wherever else then thru 3dxchange to get to iclone - that you want to eventually send to unreal - seem to have a variety of surprise problems on unreal import
I cant be certain because the support and tutorials seem fragmented between the old versions of iclone/3dx/cc vs new methods vs numerous way to import export - need a current roadmap
I love iclone Tho - The great thing about it is clearly that it streamlines character creation and animation process and makes it FUN! - but then seems to choke up on various import export issues and then youre stuck trying to get things to work for hours if not days...
Please give us a 100% dependable solution to avoiding all the compatibility-import/export issues without having to spend another $700 Please
I am looking at the live link - but I think what we need is less variables - not more - every huge leap forward usually is just another can of worms introducing another million variables for us to have to sort through - for instance the live link looks great until you get to the part where you want to export video (HINT) idk but could that stage be any more cumbersome and confusing lol? How about you guys code in a record button so that we can just hit record - and it just records?
Personally Id rather spend money on tech support to help me master the platform as is vs $700 on live link - if it were available ........just to quickly get thru the never ending variables and get progress back underway quickly - instead searching the web for days to try to get thru the variables or instead of "expanding" on my platform - likely just leading to even more variables that'll slow me down even more
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Submitted byrobmbaker
You have multiple requests in one entry concerning multiple products. This reads more like a forum post. 

It also duplicates certain requests such as for a 3DXchange update. More useful to add your vote to that.