iClone 7
Issue 7320
We need Translation Presets
Users are frequently asking questions about limiting props/sub-props movements/rotations.
Currently in iClone it is virtually impossible to do.

We have perform actions (which do not work right anyway) and morphs.
Perform actions are just recorded animations saved along with the prop. They have very limited control over the prop behavior.
You have to apply, cut out a few frames from the beginning (to compensate for the bug), and then there is really no way to freely manipulate them further with precision.
Morphs on the other hand, give a bit more control over the props behavior. They however suited more for the mesh deform (moving vertices), rather than object as a whole.
Major morphs drawback is, that they cannot handle non-linear object movements. Rotating object with a morph is out of the question in most of the cases as it would result in deform and prop shrinking.

So I propose a new type of props handling - Translation Presets (similar to DAZ). They should be very easy to make in iClone.
I.E.: move a prop from point A to B, or rotate by certain angle, or scale, or combine all 3, then click a button to create translate slider (much like a morph slider). Done!
You now have a limited translate for the prop. Apply it to transform at the timeline controlling the speed and curves.

The GUI should be made the same way as for Morphs. The Root prop would have all sub-props Presets.
So that entire line of sub-props in the tree hierarchy (which might consist dozens) could be animated from a single pane with ALL presets.

I supposed Translation Presets for props would help a lot market developers to construct props more efficiently (specially complex ones) and for end users to greatly facilitate animation routine.
I would rather have you dump Perform Actions altogether in exchange for thorough Translation Presets routine.
OS: Windows 10
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