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<Solved> Visual issues in CC3 v3.21, models are textureless in the viewport and renders

I've recently updated my Character Creator 3 to the 3.21 version and now I have some issues with it. 
It was working fine untill I updated it. 

Now when I open a default project, I end up with a textureless model. (it's just a visual problem, the textures are here in the material panel).

I tried to open the sample projects and my own projects and I have the same problem.
I also tried to mess up with the settings and even re-install CC3 and nothing worked.

I have IClone 7 installed to, and it's working fine. No visual problems.

My config is : IntelCore I7-6700K, 48Go ram, GTX 1060 6GB. 
And my drivers are up-to-date

I hope you can help me. 


I think I know where the issue was !

I tried to set the render settings to "High" but it did nothing in the viewport.
So I oppened the Settings panel and I noticed that the "Max texture size" was still in "1x1" even though I switched to "High" mode.

And I was, by default, in "Minimal", with no way to change the "Max texture size" (the setting is grayed out).
Going in "Medium" or "High" I can now set the "Max texture size" to 2048x2048 in the Settings panel and everything is working fine.

So I believe that the update did put the "Max texture size" to "1x1" by default on all render levels.
Problem solved.
OS: Windows 10
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