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Visemes export
In iClone7.91 it’s possible to use “Reduce Lip Keys” feature. This is a great feature which helps to improve the lip sync. It would be really great help, if you export just Visemes from iClone 7 in whatever form so it could be imported to the CA4. In CA4 are sometime too many Visemes. By loading into CA4 the same voice track as to iClone7 and transferring (I meant import/expert) Visemes which are reduced into CA4 would eliminate the most of the editing of these Visemes. Even if it’s available only in pipeline version :-). This feature would be a great time saver for the more serious animators, especially if they would like to use closeups. (unless you would be able to use the “Reduce Lip Keys” feature in the CA4 as well).

I hope that this feature could be put on the top of the feature’s wish list. Thanks Pavel
OS: Windows 8.1
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Submitted byfeelingood
Hi Lian,

by your reply I guess that it's not at this time possible to get Lips Track with the same position of the same Visemes from iClone to CA4. Correct?
I was actually looking for the solution. Edit Visemes in CA4 is not very easy and it's time consuming as they are very tiny even on the big monitor and
you can't zoom on them very much. The import from iClone would shorten the time 100x.

I really appreciate your suggestion and I totally understand what you are going through.
I can't promise anything to you but I can tell you I did pass this demand to product team.
For now unfortunately seems that is all I can do. Thank you again!

Lian RL
Hi Lian, 
thanks for the reply. To my knowledge, there are 2 functions in iClone 7. One is "reduce lip key" function and second function is us  Acculips "Detect & Generate Precise Text and Visemes from Audio", which is then imported to  iClone 7. Both of these methods result in more accurate lipsync of the character in iClone 7.

Now, CA4 doesn't have these functions. My question was: would it be possible to transfer (I meant import/export) this optimized and more accurate lipsync
generated by either method into CA4, so a character in CA4 would have more accurate lipsync as well?
In more accurate lipsync in iClone 7 each word and letter occupies specific frame(s) on the timeline. (Lips Track). So, is it possible to transfer (I meant import/export) this Lips Track with the same position of the same Visemes? If this would be possible, then the identical sountrack (V.O.) imported to CA4 would respond to the more correct lips movement in CA4 as well. I am enclosing graphic samples for the clarity as well as how the same words from iClone look and sound in CA4.
Got it! Thank you for your feedback nice suggestion!

Lian RL
Do you mean that you want Acculips also keep "reduce lip key" function?
so you think Acculips result has too many Viseme?
or you just want to export Visemes result with audio or no audio?
or you are talking about old lipsync?

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