iClone 7
Released in 7.21
Issue 3706
Videos will not render
Have tried two versions for rendered video output. *.mov & *.wmv. It appears to render and gives all the prompts as if it is going to produce output but fails to write the file. I'll try other output just in case.

If it is related to the PopcornFX plug-in, I do have it installed.

Followup... It does seem that removing the PopCornFX particle does allow a render to complete. So definitely a bug.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byCricky
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We have confirmed that the Blast.iPkfx will cause video render to fail on Windows 7.
We are continue in finding the cause.

I placed the video capture using Problem Step Report and have put it on my google drive ( rather than posting it to YouTube.  I reduced the iClone project down to just the blast emitter and a 3D prop floor (Floor_001).  The render failure still happens.   The drive folder also includes both a dxdiag and an msinfo32 file for reference.  Thank you for looking into this.
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Hi StreamingTrout,

Please capture a screen video about this issue, put it on the YouTube, and add the link in your next comment.

And provide your dxdiag file to help us identify the problem.

To get the DxDiag file:
1. Select the "Start" menu, click "run" or press <Win Key> + <R>.
2. Input "dxdiag" & click "ok".
3. It will check your system for a while, after finish, click "save all information".
4. Save "DxDiag.txt".

You can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and email the link with "FT3706" in the email title to

Your help is highly appreciated.

I also encountered this issue with PopcornFX.  When I try to render my video it goes through the process and results in an empty file.  It occurred in both Preview and Final Render options.
I am running 7.2.  My video includes the PopcornFX Text emitter and the blast from the FX40 library.  I am trying to render an MP4 video.

I tried the following:

I reinstalled both 7.2. the PopcornFX plugin and the library.  The problem remained.
I did the Help->ContentActivation (just out of paranoia) The problem remained.
When I turn off the emitter for the blast, the scene renders.  If I turn it back on, an empty file is generated.
If I turn the text emitter off with the blast emitter on, the scene does not render.
If I remove the text emitter entirely from the scene, it still does not render, so I don't think there is any interaction between the text emitter and the blast.

I have not tried any of the other FX40 library components.
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Thank you for your feedback.

Please check if there are any watermark in the scene?
PopcornFX plugin for iClone provide 5 trial contents, the trial contents will show the watermark, and has following limitations:
1. The scene can not be saved.
2. iClone can not export video unless user delete the trial contents in the scene.

If this is not your case, please provide us the project file that contains the PopcornFX particle that will cause video output to fail.

You can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and email the link with "FT3706" in the email title to