Character Creator 3
Issue 7631
Ultimate Morphs pack & Essential Morphs pack
I bought the Character Creator package deal where I get the Ultimate Morphs pack. In that comes some content from the Essential Morphs pack also. I like a LOT of what the Essential Morphs pack has to offer, and want to use it in my projects - only that I can't because everything is on "Trial" and there is no way in purchasing this.

I really, really, really want to buy the Essential Morphs package. I've been told by customer service that the Ultimate Morph pack is an updated version of the Essential Morphs, and that it's "pretty much outdated so we've made it obsolete"... but I just find that flat out ridiculous. If it's obsolete, why offer it as a trial when there's no way to get it?

Please guys, I'm begging you. Can you make the Essential Morphs pack affordable/downloadable please? My creative work is honestly so stifled and setback without it, it's beyond a joke. It makes absolutely no sense for you guys to not let a customer be allowed to have something you offer on trial, yet not allow for a download.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byfaisaltreshah
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi faisaltreshah,

I want to make sure if the response you received from our technical support has resolved your problem? If not, did you encounter any difficulties and need our help? 

If you have used other methods to solve this problem, you are also welcome to tell us how to solve it. Thank you.

Reallusion Inc.
Hi faisaltreshah,

if you have Ultimate Morphs (Essential Morphs sliders are all included!! ) then Essential Morphs should without "Trial". so please try to uninstall your Ultimate Morphs content and reinstall again.