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Issue 7274
Translation and Rotation Data on Internal and Exported Joints
We have a couple questions about Reallusion's skeleton joint data in CC3, and the skeletons export data read by our third party software (Maya 2019).

We have noticed that CC3+'s export data is not read by Maya as we would expect. If you refer to the included image ("CC3_Export_JointData_Vs_Clean_Maya_JointData") you can see on the left, how there is rotation data on all three axes of "thumb_03_r" joint. What we would expect to see, on the right, is rotation data solely on the Z axis, if any. We have also noticed translation data on joints that should not have translation data outside of the "x" axis (such as the upper arm or elbow, where as the clavicle may have translation data on multiple axes). Both pose presets "T-pose" and "A-pose" (for UE4) have these discrepancies when viewed in Maya.

A thought we had to remedy this, was viewing the pose in CC3 before export. But when setting our own pose in CC3, there is of course twisting of the deformation when "zero-ing out" (setting the values to 0) the x and y rotation axes (see image "CC3_PoseCorrection_Twist").

We don't expect to be the first ones to notice this problem, and are wondering if there is a tool or setting that we are unaware of that we should be using. Or perhaps, a created work around that could be laid out for us.

Let us know, and Thanks !
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bymark_45
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi mark_45,

Thanks for your feedback!
Could you share your Export FBX Settings in CC3 to us?
Also, did this avatar got 0 X & Y bone value in CC, then export fbx turned out to be some value in X & Y axis?
Or maybe you can capture the video to describe this issue detailly to us, so that we can identify the issue properly!
You can upload the video to YouTube then attach the link in your next comment.
Thanks for your help!