iClone 6
Released in 6.53
Issue 782
Timeline no longer showing avatars
The timeline cannot be made to show the avatar and the Object Related Track is not working when the avatar is selected.
OS: Windows 10
Duplicate Issue:   Timeline acts irrational
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Submitted byBritlish
Hi FeedBackTracker,
 I have this exact problem. In the project that I have the timeline won't show any of the avatars but if i close the project and open a new empty one the problem persists where timeline won't show my avatars but if i close down  iclone 6 and re-open it the timeline shows everything as normal but if i re-open that project in question the problem starts again. I would like some guidance because i only just bought this software a few days ago and to be having unnecessary quirks like this is irritating as it means the project i was working on has been rendered useless if i can't animate the avatars. Also i wanted to what is the difference between full render and preview? i ask because everytime i try full render Iclone 6 goes to 20% or 50% then crashes but on preview it works?

thank you in advance
I sent a link to a project that shows this behavior to .

It works fine in v6.51, but not in v6.52.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Britlish,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

The issue you mentioned can't be reproduced in our test environment, please refer to Gif file (Issue 782) for further details.