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Released in 6.53
Issue 781
Timeline acts irrational
Sub-categories are deselect, project items become non-selectable, some items (props etc.) appear on the timeline even though they are not included in the project.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bybobu2357
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This as a simple procedure that shows some of the erratic behavior of the timeline (this copied from the forum, so I hope the image links work):

Note: Make sure that Object Related Track and Open Same Track Types are checked when performing the procedure.

1. Create an empty project in 6.52 and save.

2. Load the empty project and add Christian. This is what I see in the timeline (which are not the expected default tracks):

3. Save the project and load again. The timeline will be as shown above with Christian included, although he is not selected in the scene.

4. Add another Christian. This is what I see in the timeline: 

So even though only the new Christian is selected, both of them show up. Also note that a Shirt is included (which belongs to the first Christian), which shouldn't be the case.

5. Remove the two Christians and the shirt from the timeline (so only the Project tracks are there).

6. Make sure the avatars are not selected in the scene, and then add another Christian. This is what I see:

Even though the third Christian is selected in the scene, he doesn't show up, whereas the first two do with yet another set of non-default tracks.

There are many more variants that can be dreamt up, but I hope this shows at least the weird behavior of the timeline for avatars.
I've sent a link to a project that shows this behavior to .

It works fine in v6.51, but not in v6.52.

For those who want to try, the link is: .  

(There's a mirror in it, so run under DX9 for full enjoyment. This is unrelated to the bug.)

It is not quite clear what causes the issue. I created a test project in 6.51 with one avatar, which worked fine in 6.52. Then in 6.51 I created a project with an avatar and a camera. This also worked in 6.52, but after saving and reopening, the selected avatar showed in the timeline, but the default tracks were not opened (Collect Clip, Transform, Motion). It may be difficult to reproduce, but the problem is there, as can be seen from the project I provided.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you very much for your feedbacks.

The issue you mentioned can't be reproduced in our test environment, could you please provide the project to repeat it? If could, please send your project to, may use cloud services such as Dropbox or OneDrive to make the project file available to us.

Your generous help are highly appreciated.

I uninstalled the patched version and reinstalled 6.52 from the download on my account. Everything worked as expected until I opened a project created in 6.51. Then the timeline stopped working properly for 6.51 projects and now for new ones, too.
I have uninstalled 6.52 and reverted to 6.51. Until this issue is fixed, 6.52 is unusable for old projects.
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