Character Creator 3
Issue 7753
Textures Failed To Load After Recent Update
Trying to open saved characters which were created in 3.3 and now after the recent update to 3.4 results in 46 missing textures. No idea where the missing textures are, no idea how to fix this, but my task on our project is being held up yet again. Please don't request videos again as I don't have the time or get paid by my employer to help troubleshoot these issues I keep having. Including an image of the error, please let me know how to fix this ASAP.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byGhetzi
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Uninstalling and reinstalling has fixed the issue. My saved custom avatars are missing for some reason, but that's not a big deal in my case.  Thanks to you both, this issue can be closed.
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Hi Ghetzi, 

Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for this bad experience in CC.
Please go to this default content install route to see if the human shader texture are exist.
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Shared Templates\Digital_Human_Shader_Resource
You should see the folder struc like attached image.

If the texture already in that route, but you still encounter the lost texture issue.
Please uninstall the CC, and reinstall it via Reallusion Hub.
Also, please uncheck this checkbox inside the settings of Reallusion Hub before you reinstall the CC.

At last, please follow this steps to get your system info, and send it to us, we can only fix the issue when we got enough information.
Once again, I apologize for this bad experience, and hope you have fun with CC after reinstall it.

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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Ghetzi,

Sorry for the confusion. You can reinstall AP through RLHub and please do not check this option during the installation. (Please see the attached picture)
If there are any questions, please let us know. Thank you.

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And now custom avatars won't save, and when I try to save the project, I get this error message now, too.

Going to try a reinstall but 3.4 is a major problem and is putting me way behind schedule.
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As an update, I searched and reassigned all of the maps and saved the project.  Figured it would be all set so I reassigned six other characters, too.  When I loaded the first character that I already "fixed", the image textures were "missing" again, even though they were reassigned and still in the same place.  

This is a disaster.
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