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Released in 7.5
Issue 5844
Terrains Of The World - Physics Bug Or Maybe Not - ?
Terrains Of The World - Physics Bug Or Maybe Not - ? Reallusion may of not designed these terrains for this feature.

When I try to drive a vehicle using the world terrains the vehicle falls straight through the terrain even though I have my terrain physics enabled. I guess for some reason the physics don't activate. Can some one duplicate this and maybe explain why this is ? The default Height Map work pretty good for this and one would think these World Height Maps should work too. Is there a difference in these height map terrains ? I checked with the forum and they suggested I just use the default height maps but it would be pretty considerate to adjust this physics activation if possible for the nicer world terrains.

Method -
Apply World Terrain
Enable Terrain Physics with Physic Engine Enabled.
Select Bullet Engine
In sure Rigid Phyics is on and Soft Physics is not and that collision detection is ticked.
Select Frame Mode
Apply Vehicle ( Interactive Pick Up. / Or Etc ... )
Use PX Controller to drive Vehicle.
If the terrain was working properly I would return to the physics mode and produce my camera work.
Well - You get the idea.
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Submitted byrguy
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Thanks Molly !
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We will fix it in the future.If you must use these terrain now,please let us know.

Thanks for your response Molly ! 
None of the height terrains have the enable physics in the bullet mode and the default height terrains work fine for this feature. The enable physics option only appears in the panel after switching to the physics mode in All Height Terrains. It would appear that the fault is in the code or possibly the licensing. The code should note True for the enabled physics in Bullet Mode. If there's some kind of licensing requirement or purchase they may not want to do that for these terrains for some reason. 

So in collusion it doesn't matter if you load the world terrain in physics or bullet simulation the feature doesn't work in bullet mode and can't be forced to work. With the default height maps they work no matter which simulation mode you load them in as long as you enable physics in the physics mode.  So I don't understand why an enabled feature would be required in the bullet mode if it's an encoded feature. 

Lets start here. I take it you loaded the product and it didn't work as I described and that your saying for these world terrains to work they would had to had the enable feature available in bullet mode and not in the physics mode as their currently designed and since they didn't design that feature in these terrains in bullet simulation they won't work for that feature. Confusing ??????? 

It's alright if they won't because their still great terrains but if they could of been coded to work that would of been pretty neat. Thanks for your response. ^5
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Hi rguy,

IC5 is Bullet Engine.The terrain of the world need enable Physic in Bullet Engine.But there is no enable physic checkout in IC7 Bullet Engine.

Change to Bullet Engine in Project Settings Panel before applying terrain,you will not see "Enable Terrain Physic" in Modify panel.

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Note - The physics does enable and works in other actions. You could enable physics and bounce a ball off the terrain. I just can't get the physics to work in the bullet mode to drive the vehicles with the PX toolbox controller.
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