iClone 7
Issue 5883
Super Tools Distortion Vertical Faces Camera
When using Super Distortion, if you set it to Vertical, it follows the camera.

Here's an explanation someone on the forum used to define each:

*Vertical* is a billboard rotated by Z (always facing you while you are standing so to speak)
*Face Cam* is a billboard facing you regardless.
*Horizontal* is always.. or well a horizontal plane.

This was more detailed:

The difference is, that the Vertical does not face camera if the camera is looking from the top or bottom, while with Face Cam it would face camera regardless.

So strictly speaking it does what it supposed to do - position the effect strictly vertically.

But the Vertical should have an option to be applied to a plane (as oppose to vertical billboard) and have an option to select Z angle (to be aligned with wall at any angle).

Without this, it's kind of uselessly because how often do you have the camera ONLY directly facing a wall without some angle? Or even how often do you have a camera facing it down?

It limits the usefulness of the effect.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydarkrepast
Yes, all Super tools can be rotated by the root gizmo except for the Distortion. It is great that we have an option for the Face Cam 3D and Vertical 2D but sometimes it is necessary to bound the effect to the specific surface, in which case Face Cam should be disabled and effect rotated freely with the root like all other Super Tools.

Please make this happen.