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Issue 8105
Suggestion For iClone 8
Dear Team Reallusion,

1. From my experience based on i. Motion Blur ii. Flare iii. Volumetric Lighting in 3D Package is that they slow down the software considerably which is why they are a part of the Compositing package. Just wondering if these feature addition to iClone 8 will have a similar impact of slowing down the system.

2. Also The standard way of sending the part to be Composited with Motion Blur / Flare / Volumetric Lighting / DOF is to Create an output of RPF or RLA and then work in the compositor. I hope this is a workflow is adopted in the iClone 8 specially after so many rendering engines being added to iClone without the RPF / RLA output formats.

3. If you have seen The Spline Based Facial Animation you will recognize the versatility of it. I hope the Acculips needs to be furthered to compete with the Spline Based system's.

4. If you see the Blender 3D Face Animation Add-On you will see that
i. It is Layer Based
ii. The Facial Mesh Control can be Adjusted Multiple Times
iii. The Facial Features can be Exaggerated to a great extent.

5. A Layer Based Animation System Has Existed in Motion Builder and Now even in Unreal. Hopefully the Truly Layer Based System will be incorporated into iClone 8. It has been a long standing wish.

6. Particles PopcornFx of the Parent Company are Event Based delivering Very Controllable outputs. Hopefully it is being looked at.

7. A Quick Jitter Removal in Curve is desired specially the MOCAP from my iClone-KINECT Plugin has Foot Hand Neck Head jitter issues.

8. The Physics Tool Box Vehicles need to be Spline Driven to get a better Control than the One Provided through the Forward / Back / Left / Right with Mouse.

9. Smart Gallery needs to Show Purchased Products

10. Actor Core need to show all the Motions procured from Reallusion and Our Own Motions.

There are a ton of other stuff but this I thought needed the most attention.

Thanks and Regards

Vivek Tyagi
OS: Windows 10
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