iClone 7
Issue 6666
I would really like to see the ability to import more 3rd party plug ins. Especially speedtree but also some of the third party apps you use in your tutorials. It frustrates me to buy a product only to find you need others to really make use of the product you bought. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love your products and enjoy using them, I would just like to get more out of them than I am currently doing now, even if I had to pay more. An example is using Character Creator 2 or 3. Its great to be able to change color and pattern of outfits but without 3rd party software like Marvelous Designer you can't really make your own clothing without buying it. MD is an awesome program too but it creates the conumdrum of having to learn even more programs than you expected to. I can't really blame you for this but I would have liked to pick out period pieces of clothing and been able to modify those instead of being stuck with just modern ones. For all that I have said, you have done an awesome job overall. I like that you are working on hair in CC3 I hope it can do all kinds of things like beards, mustaches and different hairstyles. One last thing, when I bought Iclone I thought it was to make movies but I see that people use it for set design and then use a third party, like hitfilm or others to make their films, is this true. I guess I would like to see more streamline integration or the ability to use these third parties more easily.

Most Sincerely James Rizza
OS: Windows 10
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