Character Creator 3
Issue 7779
Smart Hair assignment of brow blend/morph shapes (name and quantity)
1. Place smart hair components on default avatar.
2. Make sure to include a smart hair brow piece.
3. Export to Unity (fbx).
4. Place exported asset in CC_Assets folder in Unity and wait for auto-import to finish.
5. Place imported unity character into a scene
6. View "Female_angled" (brow mesh) game object's blendshapes on Unity inspector window in the mesh renderer component.

Expected results:
- Maybe to see the brow morphs, named appropriately, because they have to be animated separately to the body/head brow morphs now.
- Maybe see some additional ones that are having a slight influence on them when they are adjusted on the main mesh (e.g. nose_scrunch) as well.

Actual results:
- All the morphs are present, and they have strange names, including the first one called "(none)".
- Most morphs do nothing, but some appear to have a slight influence (maybe those ones should be kept, so long as they have >0 influence on the brow?).

Relevant platform details:
- Character Creator 3.4 pipeline
- Unity 2020.3 LTS
- Auto-setup for Unity 1.1

Notes: Custom morph/blendshapes not tested. Expected behavior of those is unknown.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bytantrum