Character Creator 3
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Issue 7418
Shadows under eyes after export to Unreal
All the characters I export to UE4 have shadows under there eyes that are not there in CC3
I have the headshot plugin enabled.
I am using Unreal version 4.25 and using the cc3 autosetup plugin inside unreal.
This happens with custom characters and with even default CC+ Caleb preset with no modifications made.

Attached is Caleb example and another custom char example but it happens with all exports.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjamen_001578
I used the settings from the video Reallusion put out.
This is the link to the video.

I narrowed it down to the eyelashes and I even found another post that talked about it with different circumstances.
This is that post:

For them it ended up being the Blend from translucent to masked.

I was able to repeat and clear the shadows up in the game world.  But they persisted in the mesh view.  
I've attached one pic with all 3 views.  It has the blend changed to Masked and has the in game view along with mesh view.  Also shows the eyelash mesh that is having the issue.

I'll take a look at the manual procedure you posted but that is suppose to been replaced.  I will compare settings to see if I can find a difference.  At any rate though, hopefully someone at Reallusion is listening to this thread. I imagine it is happening to more than just me.

Also thank you for taking the time to answer.  I appreciate it.
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