Character Creator 3
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Issue 5849
Save Custom Assets
No matter the character or asset i;m not able to save a custom asset. In the past i had no problem with this as i already got a few hair assets saved in the custom tab. But im trying to save a new one and no matter what section in the content tab im in i cant save a custom asset. Help please
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byedorseey03
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The program is working fine now, i couldn't relocate the appdata location so i just rest my pc as i was having issues with other software i have.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi edorseey03,

After we checked your log file, found some weird point, so we need further information to identify clearly.

First, please download this zip, then follow the same step like last time.
And send your log file to us.

Second, we need your Reallusion's Registry data, and your computer hardware data(Dxdiag).
Here is the description about how to get your system information file.

Third, after you finish last two steps, please uninstall your CC3 & CC3 Pipeline Extension, then install it again, see if the problem still exist.

Once again, thanks for your help and patience.


alright thanks
They cannot even be bothered to update there video tutorials on youtube  bought a $300.00 add on package could not even download it cus hub kept disconnecting spent 19 hours sitting in front of Pc clicking the retry button, They can't be checking the updates before they post online as they would have  found these issues. too late for me for a refund or I would have regret even hearing of this company Daz 3D is free and a lot less troublesome.
I am having the same problem this company suks all i have had is problem after problems more stress than its worth
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