3DXchange 7
Issue 6183
Rotate bones without distorting the mesh and see real time changes in calibration animations -fix in iClone and 3DXchange
I understand 3DXchange has joint rotation but that just distorts the model if you rotate 180 degrees and you can only see changes when "Active" is not checked.

In my opinion I believe this is an essential function to allow more compatibility of non human creatures to be able to use mocap or the puppet tools.

For example; I have many non human characters that can be made mocap friendly such as a creature that crawls along with tentacles. I rigged the creature with a CC3 iClone bone system and have added extra bones for other parts but I need to reorient joints so as I walk with mocap or the puppet tool the creature walks/crawls with the tentacles. The legs bones work fine by default on the tentacle back legs and just as a note all the tentacles are spread out and travel behind the character.

I'd have to constantly flip back and forth in a rigging program, reimporting back to 3DXchange for small changes to see if that change fixed anything. To be able to fix joints this way in iClone with mocap enabled would be the most ideal
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Apparently there are others asking for this same function for CC3, as they create characters issues arise with proper deformation on custom characters.