iClone 7
Issue 5230
Revise Iray materials reset control, iClone materials list view box and MDL popup
1. We need more control over resetting Iray materials. Currently there is only one button, which resets ALL materials for the object without confirmation (slide 1). The "Auto" in MDL popup can do the job for individual materials as well, but require a few extra clicks.

Please add another button which would reset ONLY selected materials (single or multi selected), or make individual buttons in-line with the material.
And add a confirmation for "Reset ALL" button protecting users from accidentally resetting all object materials. It already happened to me.

2a. This one is for iClone materials list. I've been meaning to request the change since v7.0.
As of now it would list 40 materials before scroll bar would appear (slide 2). Might be OK for users with 4k monitors. But in 2K it is extremely tiresome to work with 2 scroll bars and a mouse wheel up and down between "Texture Settings" and materials at the top of the list.

Please make it neat as Iray list (only 12 lines), or better yet make it resizable by height for a smooth workflow.

2b. Please synchronize iClone and Iray materials selection. If I select and work with material in iClone Modify tab, and then go to Iray materials list, I would want the same material to be selected automatically in Iray list. And vise versa. There is a lot of going back and forth between 2 types of materials. And it requires memorizing material and a mesh name in order to find it in a long list on the other side when switching.

3a. There are still some problems with MDL assignment popup. Occasionally it assigns a wrong materials (not the one selected). But I cannot get the pattern or replicate the problem.

3b. Thank you for making MDL popup to stay while different materials are selected form the object materials list.
Respective MDL materials are now automatically selected in the popup as user click through the list of Iray materials.

However the MDL materials are not highlighted automatically in the popup. You have to click on a material to highlight it, before you click "Apply". It seem only the last assigned MDL material is automatically highlighted as you select MDLs from a drop-down or while going through the list of object materials.
OS: Windows 10
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