iClone 7
Released in 7.3
Issue 5249
Reallusion Content Downloader Error
I purchased 3D Virtual Showroom Vol. 2 asset from the Content Store and downloaded the *.rlcontent file. When I open the downloaded file, I get an error message:

"Cannot find the program associated with the downloaded file(s). Please install iClone first."

I have the following version of iClone installed:

iClone 7.3.2205.1
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byninjarama
Feedback Tracker Admin
We have confirmed that this is an issue in Reallusion Hub installer, it was fixed and released in the Hub v4.05.2215.1

Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, ninjarama,

I need to correct this information, we found that only the registry of iClone 7 was affected, it occurred when removing Reallusion Hub, the Hub uninstaller will accidently remove part of iClone 7's registry. Other products were not affected. Sorry to cause you to uninstall all of our products.

Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, ninjarama,

We found that there are some keys and values of Reallusion products were missing in your registry, which caused the Downloader couldn't find the iClone 7 in your machine. And you are doing right, for the moment, you need to uninstall and reinstall all the Reallusion Products to re-generate those registries.

We apologize for this inconvenience to you, we will continue investigate this issue to find the cause.

I uninstalled all Reallusion software and plugins - and then reinstalled iClone 7.3 only and was able to download and install the 3D Virtual Showroom Vol. 2.  I don't know what caused the error, but I have a deadline and couldn't wait for feedback so, if all else fails, re-install everything.