Character Creator 4
Issue 8905
Please don't let CC4 reset the view when leaving one tool to the next
I have a big issue with this. When you've lined up your camera angles just right for weight painting such as 8inside the mouth for example but after you realize you need to scale a bone from that perspective and open up proportions, it takes you out of your ideal view that took you a long time to get just right.

I wouldn't have a problem so much if I can paint through materials where the opacity was turned off.

I have a character with a tongue that is seamlessly part of the head mesh because there will be scenes where the mouth opens wide to swallow things.. This character is intended to be used more realistically for film.

The following changes the viewpoint camera when switching:
*Facial profile editor - just have a button in the editor to center (J)
*Bone Editor
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Hi Calvin, thanks for your reply! It would be ideal that when switching tools that users have the option to "keep existing camera position" rather than reset camera with/without bind pose and let the user decide if they want to have it set to bind pose. Some custom editing is very complex and requires the camera doesn't reposition/reset between the tools.

Since Zbrush now works with "use current" as the pose maybe,  Proportion and Adjust Bone could be developed to work with "use current" as well?

The facial profile editor should not reset the camera angle because sometimes we have to work with edit mesh before facial profile editor is active and when it's active but both require the same camera angle - very important to make custom parts fit such as custom teeth and jaw and see how the mouth morphs work with it.

I hope this helps to clarify this request.
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Hi Ascensi,

Thanks for your feedback!
I didn't reproduce the issue that you mentioned.
But when enter Facial profile editor will focus to whole face was trying to let user know that this feature is focus on expression editing.
Proportion and Adjust Bone won't change camera angle, but it'll change character to HIK T-Pose and Bind Pose in order to let the feature working properly.
If I misunderstood anything, feel free to let me know!