Character Creator 4
Issue 8749
Pixar Style Cartoon Creator
Does reallusion have any plan to update the Headshot plugin to include Pixar style filter?
If the headshot plugin could take a 3D cartoon image and transform it so that we can animate it that would be a great feature.
OS: Windows 11
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Not sure if I understand since I am a newbie. I was  asking if headshot could be enhanced to accept a photo and toonify it.  I have been trying to cartoonify few friends of mine and animate them and cannot do it. 
It is not my attention to force users but a choice would be nice to have that capability 

Hope that clear
This would also require more extreme weight painting around the eyes for exaggeration on skin movement with muscle. This style would normally be up to individual creators to create the flexibility with the weight painter but would need the weight painter to work with Native CC characters.

When you get the basic character shape you can flatten out the texture colors with the texture color settings using Blur. A global Blur effecting just the character's materials or all objects in the scene could be made available in the Toon shader option with two options  1. Bake Blur level (destructive) 2. Blur effect which retains the original textures but just adds a blur effect.

Toonify is a matter of personal taste, so when you're asking to add a feature to bake a particular look in, you're forcing everyone to have that particular toon style.
This would be a great feature. It seems that a lot of character creator assets on most asset stores are leaning towards more realistic characters, however; from my clients perspective, the realistic characters look creepy when their mouth is animated so they prefer the cartoon style of character.