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Issue 3449
PBR from Substance painter 2 some times the color box flips to the last item copied
I have models that have been painted with Substance painter. I use 3d exchange to load model without textures; then press PBR material. As I am dragging the correct item into the different items that make up PBR it pushes a roughness or any one of the collection into other boxes. this is annoying as I have to reenter the required item to make it look right. (You end up with two of the same thing for one material (i.e. two base color maps...) Is there something I am missing in the process.

Also some maps do not look the same as substance painter. the material is skewed and the emissive does not look the same.

I want you to know I love the program and I am enjoying the process learning how to use it. Thank you for the good work.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydixonjr
the issue is when you drag and drop a PBR texture into the input box. I double click the square in materials selection and the open box is revealed. I drag the texture into the correct boxes. If I press open instead of close option the texture will suddenly switch (typically the last texture dropped) to the base PBR. My work around is to just close the open window. I am loving the program and l have learned much.

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