iClone 7
Issue 6147
Opening iclone up to 3rd party devs
I would strongly advise the development team to be very cautious "opening" iclone to 3rd party developers to be able to add plugins by the truckloads - This IS a double edge sword ;;; it can provide progress and certainly bring great tools on one end
On the contrary fragment the program and add a million more variables to a creative field that has a million tricky variable to begin with
- Compare unity to unreal
No comparison. (in my opinion)
To developers who dont live and breath code and who aren't brilliant scientists; good problem shooting - Unity can be an absolute nightmare of never ending conflicts. Compile errors among countless other issues that never cease to ruin your creative flow. Unreal works. The dev team at unreal has, it seems evident, have leveraged the progress and pace of the development of the engine very carefully, spending as much of their focus trying to prevent overly ambitious growth from ending up fragmenting the platform and leaving it a never ending bug hunt. Unity has just as many issues with a gazillion 3rd party assets, plugins - whatever you can imagine - that are - for instance, no longer supported - but still available inspiring devs who are learning the ropes, to buy - waste money on ; plugins and assets that will create nightmare problems with their projects. Unity devs just cant keep up with the wake of fragmented versions of their platform and many many of the components that range from being useful to useless to - will crash your project. And now instead of trying to make their platform more solid they are pushing forward and releasing even more versions of their software and even more options - ie now how many render pipelines? why we just need one that works without issues and bugs and incompatibility issues
Iclone7 so far has seemed to be very intuitive and solid - please keep it that way. It just seems that its much better for the platform to have its limitations vs have 7 trillion variables that leave inspired devs googling all day to find a fix to some tricky variable thats stopped the creative flow in its tracks.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byrobmbaker
Hello everyone, the videos were playing, not with Iclone 7, when I placed a video on a billboard, plane or background after rendering. Interestingly, before rendering, everything operates well in Iclone 7.
It is not clear what you want here. 

An API has been requested for years. The Python API is just in its first phase of development, so there is limited functionality at this point. It is up to the individual user to make use of the Python plugins that are available and the risks are clearly explained.