Character Creator 3
Released in 3.4
Issue 7323
Normal map created by 'Convert to Game Ready' when choosing 'Single Material' option is blocky and unusable
1. Create a CC3Base+ character and save the project
2. Make a copy of the project.
3. In both projects convert to Game Ready
4 In one version of the project, choose 'Single Material' in the conversion options pop-up that appears
5 In the other copy of the project choose 'Multi-Material'.
6. Compare the normal maps that have been generated

The 'Single Material' version is blocky (especially around the eyes and nose, as well as hands)
The 'Multi-Material' version has retained the detail of the high poly version.

This isn't a question of image resolution. The downsizing applied to the atlased normal map is only 71% of the original. 'Single Material' squeezes the textures onto a 4K map, while the 'Multi-Material body parts are each on 2K maps.

It appears that what's going on is that when generating the new 'Single Material' UVs and rebaking the map, this is done off of the low poly GameReady mesh - hence the flat polygonal faces that are apparent in the normal map. This is just so obviously wrong (for anyone familiar with high to low poly workflows). You should be keeping your high poly normals and applying them to the low poly mesh instead of baking off a low poly mesh.

Or perhaps the resizing algorithm used during the atlasing process is producing the blocky artefacts.

Whatever the cause, it makes the 'Single Material' normal map unusable as the appearance of the character model in a game engine like Unity is faceted (appearing badly pixelated).

Please can you prioritise a fix for this? Thanks.
OS: Windows 10
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  • 04_GameBase_face-normal-map_single.png
  • GameBase_Unity_Multi-Material-normals.png
  • GameBase_Unity_Single-Material-normals.png
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