Character Creator 3
Released in 3.4
Issue 7296
Some character meshes become faceted when converted to GameBase (Not properly smoothed)
Since the recent update to CC3.3 and the new CC3+ Bases I've found that some characters are not properly smoothed when converted to Game Ready meshes. This seems to badly affect CC3+ characters, slightly affects CC3 meshes, and oddly isn't at all a problem when creating a character using Headshot (I don't know which base Headshot uses when creating the character). This affects not just their face but also hands.

The issue is slightly visible in the CC3 applications but becomes hugely problematic after import into Unity. I've contacted support about this and they suggested I post here. ticket ID:[187317].

I've tried all of their recommendations (tweaking smoothing angle in Unity import settings, making use I'm using the latest AutoSetup for Unity, etc.) Nothing has made any difference. I don't actually think the issue is why export/import but rather is intrinsic to the GameReady conversion.

The following zip archive contains both the pre-optimized and GameReady projects as well as the FBX export which looks so bad in Unity that is is unusable. I've also included screenshots of CC3 and Unity for both this character and one of my Headshot characters so you can see how the smoothing is applied to one but not the other. There are also screenshots of my export and import settings. (928MB)
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjerome.dipietro
After much time spent researching this issue, it turns out that the problem isn't with poor mesh data or rendering in Unity, but instead due to artefacts (literally blocks) present in the normal map generated by CC3 when converting to GameReady.

I've opened a new more specific ticket now that I know more precisely where the issue lies.
After further requests from 'support' I'm starting to narrow down the issue. Whereas I'd always thought that the Unity rendering pipelines only affected materials, it appears that the rendering of skinned meshes are also being affected. The problem I have with faceted (unsmoothed) characters is only apparent in URP and the Legacy RP. In HDRP the model appears as it should (all be it with slightly wet looking skin, but that's fixable). I've tested both 7.4.3 and the verified 7.3.1 HDRP.

Problem is, I work in VR (for mobile platforms like the Quest) and HDRP is just a no-go for me...
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As recommended by 'support' I opened the same FBX in Blender and interestingly the mesh appears completely smooth there
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