iClone 7
Released in 7.71
Issue 6489
No Light emitting from PopcornFX Torch fire etc.
After iClone 7.7 update, there is no light emitting from popcornFX, such as when I drag i.e. a Torch Fire into a scene, the fire behaves right in an animated sense, but there is no light coming from the fire and bouncing off of other objects in the scene. I do hope this bug gets fixed soon as it is a real hold up.



Windows 7 professional, GTX 1080 ti.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byfloydbarber

I could get the particle to emit light even with a project created prior to the update of 7.7, but I had to mess with GI settings in the Visual tab as well as within the particle itself's GI settings. Yah, I could get it to work and bounce light 'somewhat' at the expense of the lighting in my scene that got changed drastically when said GI settings are turned up far enough to get an effect, which is too far!. So can it work a bit? yes, but not even close to as nicely as it did prior to 7.7 update where a simple drag and drop of a particle threw light off easily and automatically! in the past, even if the particle settings were turned down, the light would still dance and bounce around nicely. So even if it does work better with a brand new project, it still isn't close to where it was when it was drag and drop and bang! Perfect! Gonna continue to wait for a proper patch to fix this the way it should be working before the update, and I hope Soon!, the hold up is unfortunately one that can't be worked around, it's a huge wrench in my workflow!
I assume OP is in the same boat but this is what I've experienced:

-If you start a new project from scratch, turn on global illumination, place down a popcorn FX effect (Torch Fire, etc) it will work correctly.

-If you load an existing project (in my case, all of my saved projects) and place down any of the popcorn effects, they animate, but do not project any light like they are supposed to. It's almost like Global Illumination isn't even working properly on loaded/saved projects.

I will post some project files later this evening to hopefully help pinpoint the problem as I need those effects for a lot of my existing scenes I've made.
Same issue here