iClone 7
Issue 6315
New Texture & Object properties - Follow other object direction or other UV changes- (global/automation) Things can get real with this
Can create big changes for example:
*boat foam -water plane channel could be assigned a decal which could follow the boat.
*beach wetness - influence the roughness map animation to fade in and out automatically. For example when a wave approaches (dummy quad mesh follows the UV speed) wetness channel fades in and out and is triggered by the dummy. Timers wont work/look real.. if you change the UV speeds and such the timer will be out of sync. This idea will make things more automatic/global
*UV follows gravity -things like water running down glass, mudslides, avalanches, blood, spilled drinks - everything is automatic.
*Props follow UV direction - great for things like objects following water currents and perhaps this could be interconnected to the wind direction which could also be tied into the physics for creating real global wind rather than just tree or plant wind.
*Grasses and other plants need touch bend.. currently it seems there is no way to assign physics/weight-maps.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi