iClone 7
Issue 5966
Need separate tracks for Translation/Rotation/Scale, also Expressions
Whenever you set any Transform key on an object, be it moving, rotating or scaling, it sets a key on ALL transform tracks Translate, Rotate and Scale, as demonstrated in this video:

This is *really bad*.

For serious keyframe animation work you need the ability to key different attributes on SEPARATE tracks so that they can be manipulated independently in a flexible non-linear fashion.

Similarly, this is also the case for different facial features, which inexplicably only have one track for all facial animation (except eye direction and head rotation). This is equally impractical. There is already a suggestion/issue for that ( ) but I refer to it here as this is essentially the same problem.

This needs to be fixed as soon as possible, both for regular Transforms and Expression tracks.

Side note: The Curve Editor also *really* needs to be integrated into the main software; something so essential for basic animation cannot be left as an optional add-on.
OS: Windows 10
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