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Issue 7888
Nails are not properly converted from CC1 to CC3+ base
Nails are not properly converted from CC1 to CC3+ base. They do look terrible.
Technically, it might be correct for the way nails were made in CC1 base, but it is far from CC3 standard.
Moreover, I think during conversion standard CC3 nails should be applied disregarding the initial length and form.

Here is a problem. In CC1 base, back of the nails were mostly continuation of fingers mesh (screenshot 1)
After conversion to CC3+, that fingers mesh is still in the back (screenshot 2)
As a result, mesh in the front of the nails gets messed up. It is supposed to be 64 vertices, but because of fingertips are stretched at the back,
the front looks really bad. (screenshot 3).
As oppose to native CC3+ base nails, which look nice and neat (screenshot 4)

It is going to take long hours to fix all that in Blender for the model I am uploading to marketplace.

Please rectify.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by4u2ges
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Hi 4u2ges,

Thanks for your project and reply.
As you said, this issue is tricky because if we change the bake texture process, it may fit in this case, but other cases might be worse.
So, we'll keep try to find a solution to fit most of situation.
I'll change this thread as suggestion status, so that our PM team will review this issue.
Thanks for your feedback once again!

Hi Calvin,

I can make it very easy for you. 

The problem is originated from CC2 (that is where she was morphed originally).

CC2 had "Fingernail Length" morph and that is the source of the problem.  It no longer exists in CC3. So you cannot replicate.

You have to open CC2 with default female, set "Fingernail Length" morph to 100 - 200 and look at the back of nails. You'd see the  finger mesh spanned across.

Now if you save it, open in CC3 and convert, you'd get exactly what I got with this character.

I made it even easier. I freshly morphed nails in CC2 and converted in CC3 on base female. Both projects are enclosed:


PS: If it's not possible to fix, it's OK for now. I have found a way to transfer hands mesh with CC3 nails into messed up one with Mesh Data Transfer Addon in Blender. It only works on a shape, so I was able to bring fixed character back to CC as a morph.
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Hi 4u2ges,

Thanks for your reply, I've got your project.
Could you also provide the project that before converted?
That will help us to identify the possibility of enhancement as well!
Thanks for our help!

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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi 4u2ges,

Thanks for your feedback!
Could you provide your project to us?
You can upload to cloud service such as Google Drive, and attach the download link in your next comment.
Thanks for your help!