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Issue 9418
NECK area on headshot not blending colors with head.
When creating a head in headshot. I go to modify the body and for some reason when I try and match the skin color it's completely different from the face vs the next area. As a result the entire body is a different color then the skin tones of the face and I don't believe this has been an issue before. Attached is a diffuse map that clearly shows a difference between the face which is light skinned african american tones. And the neck which is the color of a rotting dead corpse in below freezing temperatures. PLEASE HELP. It's impossible to match the body with the neck and face this way
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted bymattpugh702
I have just done some testing on this again (CC4.23). I couldnt reproduce the issues above, though its not that easy (at least not for the beginner) to understand how the different maps work together. Blending body and head together properly requires more then only one step. Especially when using uncommon colors. My issue described above may be the result of improperly changing map colours manually.
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Hi mattpugh702,

Thanks for your feedback. 
The skin color will capture multiple vertices on the head mesh and blend all pixels of the color. 
Therefore, if the image has too many complicated colors, it might generate the wrong result. 
Could you try using the skin color picker feature under the Headshot panel to see if you can set the color correctly? 
Also, please send us the photo that you used to generate Headshot so that we can see if there are any enhancements that we can improve on the algorithm. 
Thanks for your help!

I forgot to mention that the headshot diffuse map has been heavily edited (removed hair parts) at the beginning of the session. Perhaps it has something to do with that. Wrong color profile storing/reading ?
may be the same issue as 7104.
I have a similar problem, perhaps the same, my char has been created with the Headshot Plugin and at some point it was impossible to even out the head and neck color.The neck appears white while the headshot colour setting is rather light brown. The skingen modify panel wouldnt help me either, the base color map shoulnt be like in the picture. The photo diffuse map from the headshot panel looks weird too, the neck area appears green. any other char ive created before looks grey in this area. No matter which color i choose in the headshot panel, the neck has a color offset. Hope i am not unerlying a beginners mistake :-/
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