iClone 7
Released in 7.1
Issue 3446
Moving rig animation info from iClone/3dXchange 7 to maya 2017 and above issue
I have been getting many errors trying to use a custom character in iClone 7 pipeline and then transfer that data back to Maya 2017 under Windows 8.1

I can easily do this in iClone 6/3dXchange pipeline

>>>from support ticket<<<
Ok...There is an issue with the pipeline version of iClone 7

I can get this to work in iClone pipeline 6

These same steps do NOT work in iClone 7

1. Used Zbrush to model
2. GoZ to Maya saved model
3. Created HIK skeleton and positioned bones and skinned.
4. Export all to FBX (including blend shapes for expressions)
5. Dragged an dropped onto 3dXchange 6
6. Converted to Non-Standard and selected Maya HIK template.
7. Dragged Mixed motion stand 04 to performance motion window
8. Exported to FBX (T-Stance) Geomometry only, then animation only
9. moved character to iClone 6 and added more animation
10. Collected new animation to 3dXchange
11. Exported only animation
12. Updated animation in Maya... No issues.

I have to use pipeline version 6 to get all to work properly.

I can not get this to work like this using iClone 7
OS: Windows 8.1
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