iClone 7
Issue 7877
Motion plus animation doesn't contain beard/brows blendshapes information when exporting motion only
I have an issue with Motion Plus files imported from Iclone 7 to CC3.4 to export to Unity

I have simple repro steps

1-Open your character from CC to Iclone
2-Create a simple 2 keys animation from facial expression neutral to facial expression + Happy 14 (Screenshot 1)
3-Collect the clip (add motion+ to library)
4-Export the character as FBX for Unity only the mesh with the option merge beard/brows items
4-Export the character as FBX for Unity, only with motions and add the Motion+ file created (Screenshot 2)
5-In Unity create a quick animator on the main mesh character with the motions from the motion only character to see the result
6-The animation works but Beard mesh doesn't move with the face. The blendshapes targets are not included in the motion+ file

I think this is due to the fact that in the main mesh we merged the beard/brows items and if we export only motions, then those meshes aren't merged

Maybe I forgot something in Iclone but I couldn't figure out what
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byNecka
I've had similar issues where the textured eyebrows travel with the face animation while the mesh eyebrows just stay static.  It's important for the workflow to export the animations separately if possible, due to the possibility of later exporting hundreds of face animations for lip-synching.
Hello Calvin,
The workaround is fine to be honest, I can always have a main Mesh-only character and have beside that a mesh+motions where I just pick the motions and add them on-demand to the main mesh in Unity.

Thank you for your answer
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Necka,

Thanks for your feedback!
Currently, if you want to contain the beard blendshapes, you have to export mesh with motion, which means do not use Export Mesh and Motion Individually.
Sorry for the inconvenient, and I'll take this request and discuss with Dev team.