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Issue 5565
Morphs exported from 3DX have wrong position when loaded in Morph Creator/Animator
Morphs that are exported from 3DXchange from a character's Face Setup>Expression Editor list don't have the same exact orientation as the figure, if you load a morph into Morph Creator, you will notice it will shift location slightly, but the bones stay in place. Because of the difference, bone weight mapping gets distorted the more morphs are added.

See included screenshots.

bug 1 is without any morphs from the shown list applied, bug 2 shows with all the visible morphs engaged, the camera is not moved, but you will notice the mesh moved backwards, while the bones remained in place.

There is no bug 3 picture ;)

bug 4 shows without morphs applied, if the character looks to one side, bug 5 shows what happens when you attempt to look to the side, the mesh is not in the right place for the bones, and thus is distorted, this will be the case for all areas of the mesh. If only one morph is applied, the distortion will be noticable but may not be severe, but it is compounded the more morphs you introduce.


1. Load DAZ character into 3DX, I used DAZ Dragon 3.
2. Set up character for export, send to iClone 7.
3. In Face Setup>Expression Editor list, select several morphs and export them to OBJ.
4. Open character's Morph Creator in iClone 7.
5. Import the morphs you exported in step 3.
6. Engage the sliders and notice the results.

Expected: the morphs apply the same as they appear in 3DXhange.

Actual: the morphs move the character backwards, cumulatively distorting the mesh rigging.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byeternityblue
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi eternityblue,

Can you try it again?

Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

This issue might be caused by the different initial pose:
"Edit in 3DXchagne" will send the Character without motion data.
"Morph Creator" will send the Character using current pose.

Please try to clear the motion layer key before sending to Morph Creator.