iClone 7
Released in 7.21
Issue 3456
Morph target positioning issue
I'm finding several discrepancies in the morph system.

Well start with this one.

1. Object in Iclone is sent to Morph editor
2. Same object is sent to Edit in 3DX
3. Export the object as OBJ
4. In morph editor bring in the OBJ file.
5. What should happen here when I move the slider?
5.1 Nothing should happen I have use all the same files and not moved anything at time of bringing items where they are.
6. What happens is the object moves up and to the left.

Seems to be a world space difference problem between the two tools. Or when I export an object it doesn't bring it into the same world space.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bypaulg625
Yes, a huge problem. Can be fixed my resetting  scale and transform of the prop in iClone before sending to Morph Creator and 3DExchange. But that would "ground" the prop in Morph Creator sending a prop to the world center. I could live with that, however if I need to push the mesh down by Z for the slider (in Blender for instance), then instead of stretching below the floor grid, the whole prop slides up instead after applying amended obj as a slider.

I am glad it is assigned.