iClone 7
Released in 1.21
Issue 6249
Morph Animator changes do not update in the Iray Preview window
Steps to duplicate this issues:
1) Add a prop with "Morphs" to your scene
2) Do an Iray PREVIEW
3) Move the prop, or change its color, etc., and the Preview image will update
4) Open the "Morph Animator" panel... CHANGE A MORPH VALUE... the Iray Preview window will not update

5) After changing a morph, do a change (such as moving a prop) that will cause the Preview window to re-render
6) The morphed mesh will still be unchanged

To see the newly morphed mesh, you need to CLOSE AND RE-OPEN the Iray Preview window.

Changing Morph target values should cause the Iray Preview to refresh and update

This was first noticed in iClone 7.6, and then duplicated again in 7.61.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byjustaviking
Hi Guys, if you don't automatically see an update, manually press the preview button on the Iray Tab.  This issue is not exclusive to morphs, sometimes it just doesn't detect changes and must be forced to preview.
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Hi Ascensi,

In order to keep the performance, the Morph Animator function can be better adjusted. Therefore, during the adjustment process, Iray automatic update will be suspended first. In the past, the data could not be updated correctly, so even if you leave the Morph Animator panel, Iray can not be updated, and subsequent adjustments will also produce erroneous results. If you want to view the correct results, you must restart the Iray preview panel. Now, you do not need to restart the Iray preview panel, just quit Morph Animator to get the correct result update.

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Hi justaviking,

Thank you for the detailed steps. We have repeated and reported to RD. Thank you.

hello folks!...i am running iclone 7.61 and its not showing my project in the viewport but it does show through iray seems its not using the pc has an NVIDIA RTX 2080 (8 GB), INTEL CORE I7-9700KF CPU with 64gb of RAM...Please kindly assist with this problem.thank you
In this Forum thread - - Sonic7 stated that MOVING the morphed item DID cause the morphed item to update in the Preview window.

I did not get the same result.  In my case, my MORPHED ITEM was a SUB-PROP, and I was moving the parent.

Other than that, we both got the same result of changing the morph did not cause the Preview window to update.
Please remember the main point, which is the Preview window should update when you adjust a morph slider.
I have been able to confirm that the Morph Animator changes do not update in the Iray Preview window.